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what is the name of the non hybrid Viticella please?

On plant Clematis viticella



Clematis viticella is the name of the species, commonly known as 'virgin's bower'. C. viticella 'Minuet' is a variety of it, along with C. viticella rubra.

4 Sep, 2010


Thank you for the reply. I am trying to find a supplier of a Clemtis just called Viticella.I have been told that there is one of that name, and it is not a hybrid, also it is not the wild English species. Thank you once again for your help.

4 Sep, 2010


Er, Clematis viticella is not native to Britain either. The only British native Clematis is C. vitalba aka 'Old Mans Beard' and a plant no one in their right minds would ever plant in a garden. It is as rampant as Russian Vine.

4 Sep, 2010


It is simply Clematis viticella. It has been around for hundreds of years and is the parent of many cultivars. Take a look here:

5 Sep, 2010


Thank you Wal. Like your garden pictures very much.

11 Sep, 2010

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