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Not a question, more a comment.
I posted a question in May about pots at my doorway been stolen.I asked for advice to stop it happening again I received a lot of replies & sympathy.
I thoutht I would tell you about my solution.
I bought two pair of magnetic window alarm magnets. They are battery operated.
One half of the alarm is fitted to the pot by silicon. The other is fitted to my front door step, again by silicon.
If the pot moves by more than a quarter of an inch the alarm goes off.
The alarms are very small so cannot really be seen unless you are looking carefully.. Touch wood, no problems as yet



Cool solution - hope the alarm's loud enough to wake you at night! I didn't know there was such a thing available, I could do with one,where do you get them?

3 Sep, 2010


B & Q and yes they are very loud

3 Sep, 2010


Great idea, we've had lots of trouble recently with things being stolen on the allotments at the bottom of our garden, even grow bags !!! the poor man said he'd have given them a tenner to buy their own the hassle he had getting them there, hubby found a good thing advertised which we must get round to ordering, you attache it to the shed door and if anyone opens it it makes a sound like a shotgun, scare the b****** to death if nothing else,lol, and as we're not far away we'd hear it.

3 Sep, 2010


with a bit of luck they wont touch them again

5 Sep, 2010

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