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tomato plants that have a black colour on the stems


By Bensed

United Kingdom Gb

I have two tomato plants that have almost overnight developed a black colour on the stems, the leaves have turned yellow and have dried out in some cases. I think it might be blight.

Two questions -
Can I still eat the fruit?
Should I burn the plants now to avoid it spreading?

Update -
Sorry they are in one container and are in the open air.




Probably blight, but may not be. Did the plant get frosted? Frost can blacken stems, too. I don't know where you are in the country. The toms look ok. Collect them (even the green ones) to save them, and get rid of the plant (preferably by burning). Phil J

2 Sep, 2010



Thanks for the reply, I'm in Cambridgeshire and we have not had any frost yet. So it is OK to use the toms? that is the main worry as I have a young family and don't want any issues.

I shall pick all the toms tomorrow and get the plant burnt ASAP.

2 Sep, 2010


its blight ,mine have dun the same .tried to save the toms but as they went red they went black and bruied as well .horrid. so i have pulled them all up and they are going in the green bin. trying to save my others now . its damp conditions and time of year . google it. i read up in my tomartoe book. sorry but they have to go . not sure if u can make green chutney u will have to google that . but the warms needed to turn red allso acsellerates the blight .

2 Sep, 2010

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