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I have used weedkiller instead of bug killer on my veg and plants yesterday, is it too late, can I save them? (Must wear glasses all the time )



Oh dear, presumably you mean you sprayed the plants. Nothing much you can do - usually the best course is to wash off immediately, but if it was yesterday, depending on the weedkiller you used, it's probably too late.

2 Sep, 2010


Not a lot you can do now as Bamboo says. It is also not a good idea to use bug killer on your food crops as it acts as a systemic and remains in the plant so you end up eating the toxins. Bug killers also kill off all the good bugs as well as the 'bad' ones.

2 Sep, 2010


Most weedkiller says "Don't use within 6 hours of rain" which I've taken as "You've got 6 hours to wash this off if you spray the wrong plants", but the quicker the better for getting it off. I agree that "yesterday" is probably too long ago, but you've got nothing to lose by trying! Try washing the leaves, stems etc and wait and see.

2 Sep, 2010

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