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What is this? I'm pretty sure it's a weed. I know I didn't plant it. It's over 3 feet high.
I'd just like confirmation before it gets turfed out.

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I'd say it is some kind of dianthus judging from the foliage, but as soon as the flowers open you can be sure.
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31 Aug, 2010


Dianthus? Really? That tall?
The flowers have been green for a longish time.
The picture is big so that people can have a proper look and is too big to post.
Thank you for the answer. I will do some research.

31 Aug, 2010


Looks like a michaelmas daisy to me, but we won't really know til it flowers.

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31 Aug, 2010


So I should leave it for now? How could it have got there? Bird seed?
The picture is huge, but, if I'd thought, I could have posted a thumbnail.
The lower, older leaves are sort of arrow shaped, but that doesn't show very well in the picture - like ivy, but longer and narrower.

31 Aug, 2010


It is indeed a type of Aster. The small bracts around the capitulum (flower head) are very indicitive of this genus. The branching stems also look like it. I think it is covered in downy mildew too from the look of the picture (another sign that its an Aster Lol).

31 Aug, 2010


Thanks all. I will leave it and see what appears.

1 Sep, 2010

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