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By Sheglyn

Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

hello, i have a tree in my garden, no one knows what it is it has never had any fruit on it no flower nothing ,but earlier this year about may/june i noticed what looked like olives.... green same size as well .today i have gone out to find lots of fruits that look like cherries (large ones) but on cutting one open and trying a little bit they taste just like plums !!!!! not sure if they are edible or not ? i have lived here for 13 years not much knowledge on gardening but enjoy ,and very willing to learn ,can anyone help thanks




could you possibly post a photo or give a detailed explaination of the type of leaf and tree---you see it could be damson or sloe-- if its more of a shrub or a wild cherry so size colour and shape of fruit etc. would help

29 Aug, 2010


Photograph would be good, as Pamg says. If your tree has fruits, it must have flowered, the one follows the other, so I'd guess you're unable to tell us the colour of the blossom. But a pic of the leaves and stems and the fruits might help.

29 Aug, 2010


Sounds like cherry plum, although a little late. Probably a hybrid plum, and probably worth making some jam, or wine. Google Myrobalan, or prunus cerasifera.
Phil J.

29 Aug, 2010


,thank you, i have put a photo on it is from the net... it is just like this one!!! it may well of had some blossom but not that i have noticed ,my tree is about 25/30ft it was cut back a little to make it look better in may/june but only the lower branches and that where the fruits are.

29 Aug, 2010


try looking up Prunus avium or Prunus padus, both a large bird or 'wild' type and have barely noticable white flowers in spring, birds love them

29 Aug, 2010

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