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do passion flowers always flower?


By Mazford

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

i planted two types of passion flower this year and bothe are growing rapidly, unfortunatly they dont seem to be flowering. is this normal?



Ask Buffriddler - he's good on Passion Flowers! You can send him a private message if he doesn't see this question, by typing his name into the 'search' box at the top left of the page.

16 Aug, 2008


Hi Mazford
Now this is a good one to answer...lets make it easy for you. There are two types of cuttings taken from all strains of pasiflora one is the famous heel cutting which will replicate its parent plant to a tee...............but many take cuttings from the runners which assist the plant in clinging on to what it is supported by.These look like the genuine item and do sometimes flower but sadly never produce what the owner expects it to.................hope this helps.
Best Wishes

16 Aug, 2008


I have a very old Passion Flower and last year it had many flowers, this year, the growth is there and the first flower bud is about to open. I think it's the lack of sun this summer and the amount of rain has kept them green and growing.

16 Aug, 2008

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