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When do I pick Asian pears?

Arizona, United States Us

I know that I have asked this question before, but I have received a deafening silence in return. I know that they don't actually get soft, but does anyone have any tips for knowing when to pick them? Sometimes they are called Apple Pears.
Thank you!

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I suspect it will be the same as for apples. cup the apple firm but gently. lift and twist slightly. if ripe the fruit should leave the tree without having to be 'pulled'. Hope this helps.

28 Aug, 2010


Thank you Sbg! They're still firmly attached! Does the fruit stem stay with the pear, or with the tree? The ones I see in the store all have stems attached, but I know that they pick them green so they can be shipped around the world.

28 Aug, 2010


There shoud be a short stalk the 'abscisic' point is at the end of the short flower stalk where it grew from the wood. if that makes sense :o) It has lots of xylem strands in it to supply the developing fruit with all the water it needs and they run down the stalk.

29 Aug, 2010


So the stem stays with the pear?

30 Aug, 2010


i would expect so but tell me what happens :o)

30 Aug, 2010


Thanks Sbg! I just didn't quite understand your answer. Confusion uber alles! ; ) I'll let you know, but they're still stuck on, today.

31 Aug, 2010


sorry i didnt explain well. when ripe there should be a short stalk still attached to the pear, like in a typical pear. i quite enjoycupping the apples to see if they are ready. I'm very strange.......

1 Sep, 2010


"a harmless obsession", Seaburngirl! ; }

1 Sep, 2010


How did you fare with your pears?

19 Oct, 2010


My neighbor lost patience with them a month ago, and just ripped them off! Some were good enough, but most were kind of puckery. I figured that he should have waited at least 3 weeks, or maybe tried one first. There were only 10 pears on the tree, anyway, so trial material was pretty thin! Ah, well!

21 Oct, 2010

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