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I am building an eco house where the following situation will exist.
A south and an east facing wall constructed of dark blue bricks will have 25mm stainless steel mesh attached 50 mm off the walls to create a climber frame some 500mm wide and 4.00m high.
I need a suitable climber to grow up these frames which provides colour and which won't leave nothing but bare vines when the leaves fall off. Any suggestions.



"Any suggestions please" might have been nice. Still, one question - where in the country is this house built? Only I've a suggestion, but not suitable if you live in a cold, exposed part of the country.

27 Aug, 2010


As Bamboo says once we know where the house is being built we can help more. Why not join GoY so we can have a proper dialogue?

27 Aug, 2010


That's a good point Moongrower makes, Guest - you can't answer questions, of course, wasn't thinking when I asked you one.

27 Aug, 2010


Go Girls x

27 Aug, 2010



27 Aug, 2010



28 Aug, 2010

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