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I live in the SW France and we havea lot, and I mean a lot of trees, called Trees of Heaven, imported from India some 100 years ago. We have them every where, even indoors, if you let them. They are very attractiv but a total pain, if you pull , kill or cut them they come back ultra strong and many many more. What can we do, we even tried putting poison into holes drilled into stumps, they still come back with a vengence, I cannot remember the proper name, but it is also called stinking Sumac Is there anybody that knows what to erradicate them with please please



What kind of poison did you use, Suzie? If it was a stated brush and/or stump killer, the only alternative that might work better is to use saltpeter in holes in the stumps, about 1/8 kg per hole, 1 hole per 1/16 sq. meter of stump area.

26 Aug, 2010


Thanks for that but the problem is that as soon as you try to kill it either with the drilled holes, pulling them up with roots or spraying it with weed killer it just comes back at you with another 20 or so. We do not mind them away from the main garden or the house, but we have a whole forest of them, I am no wondering if saltpeter might work in a spray
With best wishes

27 Aug, 2010


Sorry, but there is no way around the work, Suzie. Saltpeter as a spray might kill the leaves, but they would just keep sprouting--except in high concentrations, saltpeter acts as a fertilizer! SBK, glyphosphate, and saltpeter all work to kill the roots, so you shouldn't have any more sprouts from the roots, IF you have used them properly: I would use them straight, not diluted, if pouring into holes in stumps. If there are adult trees off your property, you are somewhat handicapped in that you will always have sprouts from the trees you can't kill, as well as seedlings. Wish I had better news!

27 Aug, 2010


thanks anyway we will try again.

27 Aug, 2010

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