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As this is the first year I have had a garden, I would like to know of some winter plants I can use in baskets and tubs?



Variegated ivies, winter flowering pansies, polyanthus & primulas, cyclamen, dwarf conifers, ornamental cabbages.

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25 Aug, 2010


Winter pansies and violas are good, Mandy, and last for ages. You can also use an evergreen in the middle of your container to add height - like a baby Skimmia, or a tiny conifer...even an evergreeen grass, too. I use Heucheras which last right through until I want to put in summer bedding, then they go in the garden.

Other flowering plants soon in the Garden Centre - Primroses, Polyanthus, Bellis perennis, Cyclamen. If you use ericaceous compost in some, then you can plant Gaultheria and Leucothoe, too.

When you're planting up the containers, start with some spring bulbs so your display carries on into the spring - choose carefully, don't plant the tallest tulips or Narcissi, stick to miniature bulbs. Your choice there!

25 Aug, 2010


SNAP, Beattie - you got there first today! :-)))

25 Aug, 2010


I'm lurking online Spritz as it's tipping down outside and I have a cold. Hope you're feeling better? Sorry you've been feeling poorly.

25 Aug, 2010

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