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Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I planted some dwarf safari french beans but something else has grown instead! It has grown in the line i planted so must have grown from the seed but it's definately not beans. They are green spiny leaved with white flowers on. About 2 feet tall now. Any ideas please? Don't want to dig up and throw away until I know what it is. thanks



I've no idea what they are but would be interested to find out Guest.

24 Aug, 2010


Green spiny leaves and white flowers makes me think of some kind of datura like thorn apple, which is a weed. Are the flowers trumpet shaped? I'd be interested to see a photo to see what you have got.

24 Aug, 2010


Didn't someone else on GoY plant what they were sold as bean seeds only to have Datura grow Bertie?

24 Aug, 2010


I seem to remember that too. Just as well the datura doesn't produce pods that look like beans!

25 Aug, 2010



25 Aug, 2010

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