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I have a begonia-type house plant that my boys gave me. It got knocked over and broken off. I have unsuccessfully tried to grow cuttings - any tips please?



Which begonia is it? There are several types of Begonia, was yours principally a flowering one or a variegated foliage one?

23 Aug, 2010


It was a flowering one in a pot. It grew to about 18", shooting from the previous flowers which were small and orangy yellow.
I am calling it a begonia cos it has juicy hollow stems.
Is there a rule for cuttings from soft/juicy hollow stems?
Philippa C

23 Aug, 2010


Well I'm just wondering if its a tuberous Begonia - turn it out of its pot and take the soil away, see if there's a tuber of some kind in there. If there is, you can replant it and it'll grow again.

23 Aug, 2010

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