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By Harri

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Dear Gardners, please could you offer me some advice , i recently moved house and have a number of thorn bushes and established rose bushes, i have tried to prune them right back, but they grow back really heavy , is there anything i do to kill these at the root. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks



Hi Guest, would you be willing to join GoY so we could engage in a dialogue? Thorn bushes are these brambles or something else? Is the rose a wild brier type? You can prune back to the ground and dig them out though it will be hard work! If you want to be able to grow other plants there just injecting the stumps with SBK stump rot wont be enough. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Perhaps some of our other GoYers will have some ideas.

22 Aug, 2010


Moon grower many thanks for your reply, these thorn bushes are very much thicker than Brambles and the rose bush is the brier type.

22 Aug, 2010


You're going to have a tough job to get them out, Harri, but do it bit by bit. Cut each one back and then dig out the roots. My husband uses a pick to hack at the rootball to get most of it out, then I get in there with my fork and take out the rest. I'd also try to keep them all cut back - don't let them get too big again, or you'll find it much worse getting in amongst them.

I suggest a trip to a garden centre for leather gauntlets, too!

Good luck!

22 Aug, 2010


Gosh yes definitely leather gauntlets and a long sleeved something with a very tight weave. Come back to us Harri if you need more help.

22 Aug, 2010

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