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Are Buddliea Buzz easy to grow.
I have purchased two and both have failed



Normally they will grow as well as any weed! By that I mean they are normally extremely easy to grow & in fact self-seed all over the place if given the chance! As you are having difficulties then you should follow the normal procedure for planting any shrub. First prepare the soil in the place you want to plant it, dig a hole rather bigger than the roots & break up the soil in the bottom. Add in some compost, mix it in & plant the bush. Fill in the hole with the soil pressing it down among the roots, if it is bare rooted or around the rootball if it is from a pot. Afterwards water it well. That should do the job & hopefully you will get a nice bush the coming year.

19 Aug, 2010


If in containers, they will need frequent watering in drought, possibly every other day in the UK--we water them twice a day in containers, here in the desert.

19 Aug, 2010

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