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By Pmcox71

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just dug out a 4ft sambucus from my mothers garden to plant in my own. The 2 main roots were very deep and although i think majority of them were dug up did end up breaking them off. I have planted it in compost and given a good water, although it looks extremely limp at the moment. Have i caused unrepairable damage as it was beautiful. Please advise what i can do. Thanks



Well - you've done it, haven't you! The best thing to do now, I think, is to let it recover from the shock (if it's going to) before preparing a new planting hole for it. If it does perk up, then plant it and keep it well-watered for its first year.

It might help the plant if you pruned off some of the top growth's under stress.

18 Aug, 2010


Thanks, although i'm quite concerned now since your response that once planted it shouldn't be moved. I've moved plants around my garden and in and out of pots, which have never caused a bother, i really didn't think this would be much different, but obviously it is and maybe once planted should be recommended it stays in that spot.

Would it help if i put bonemeal and good compost in a pot to try and de-stress it or would planting it straight into the ground be the way to go? I will give it a prune as advised over the weekend and keep well watered as advised.

Many thanks Spritz

18 Aug, 2010


If you move it too often, then each time it will suffer more stress - from your description of it looking floppy, it's suffering now.
l still think it needs to stay put for a while until it recovers - then plant it into the soil.

I think the difference this time is that you said you hadn't succeeded in getting all the roots out undamaged...

i do hope that you succeed with it.

18 Aug, 2010


I have a different take on it ;-)
I'd plant it straight out into the ground !!!

I'd prepare the site 'well', plant with some organic matter and definately do as Spritz says and reduce it's height - a lot.
I've dug out sambucus before and really did a 'lot' of damage to them (did it to 2!) but both were fine - yes, looked very sorry for themselves for a few weeks but i'd describe them as tough plants and i would say they'll stand quite a bit of abuse.

That's just my own expereince of them though :-)

18 Aug, 2010

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