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i bought a very large amarylis bulb at christmas which had 2 flower stems and 4 double flowers on each. when they had died i cut of the stems and allowed the leaves to grow. i let them die back in May and left them to dry off I went to the garage and to my surprise there was a large flower bud on the bulb. i have planted it back in compost and its now in full flower with another bud to come out. can you tell me when they should rest and how to look after them once they have flowered. there seems to be a lot of info on how to pot up but no info on after care.



Do what you did in May, guest - and feed the bulb while it's in flower, too. One of mine flowered twice this year - it was a bonus! I wouldn't say it was the norm to flower twice.

18 Aug, 2010


They do best if you let them rest August to October, and keep them leafy, fed, and sunny the rest of the year. It's possible to get blooms twice a year for a year or two, but it will eventually exhaust the bulb. An alternative method is to let them do what they do in the wilds of Central and South America: let them rest December through March, bloom in April or May, and grow leaves the rest of the year.

18 Aug, 2010

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