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I have a two year old Red Jade Weeping Crab (Schiedeckeri) tree. Last year I planted a Russian Vine (Mile a Minute) plant about 3 foot away from it to grow and hide the frence. I have noticed this year that the Weepingt Crab is not looking as good as last year. The end leaves are curling in? I am really worried this might be because the Russian Vine is taking all the goodness out of the soil?
Can I dig it up and put my tree somewhere else? will it survive? and if so would end of Sept be best time to do it? I live in the East Midlands UK and last year we had the worst winter in 30 years. Might that be why its not looking as good as last year? It flowered fine in the spring and it now its getting its berries as normal, its just the leaves that look a little "unhappy" Please can you advise me?



2 years is just a bit too long to try to move your tree. I don't know whether you've suffered drought this year at all, but that's a possible cause - two plants competing for a small amount of moisture. Are there any other signs of disease on the crabapple, or infestation by insects? Check the backs of the leaves, the stems, branches and trunk for anything at all unusual.

19 Aug, 2010

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