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hello, we have just laid turf in our back garden but due to our dogs weeing on the gras it is now becoming dried and yellow in patches. We try and pour a watering can of water over the areas and we put the garden sprinkler on every night. The new turf has taken very well except as mentioned the 'wee' areas. I would like some advice on what if anything i can do to neutralise the areas and encourage healthy grass to grow



The simple answer, which you are unlikely to appreciate, is train your dogs not to wee on the grass. Create an area where they can wee that you can hose down. Spritzhenry has her wonderful dog trained from a puppy and he knows exactly where he can and can't go. Dogs and gardens can mix but only if you are firm with the dog (come to think of it that is true of small children and gardens too!)

18 Aug, 2010


Or you can ask the vet for something called dog rocks, which you put in the drinking water to neutralise their urine. Trouble is, a lot of dogs won't then drink the water... You may need to reseed the damaged areas.

19 Aug, 2010

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