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I have Acanthus in my garden (the only reason I know this is because you helpful people told me what it was) ... However first year I moved in it looked stunning and now all I get is leaves and then it wilts without actually flowering..... I have never pruned it ... Should I cut it back ?



I have the same problem although mine is usually powdery mildew caused by not enough water. I just pull off the affected leaves. It's quite a robust plant and spreads like mad so have a good go at it - it will spring up again.

18 Aug, 2010


Hi I have one in my garden which didn't flower last year but I am still hoping this year. You can get information on acanthus if you follow this link:

18 Aug, 2010


Dont forget it has been a really funny year with weather, cold til May, then drought, these are pretty tough plants so I suppose its a waiting game, maybe until next spring.

18 Aug, 2010

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