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Hi everyone. can anyone tell me why my cucumbers look like this. Very Alien, very spikey, very small and quite comical looking. haha




Hi many cucumbers have lumps and bumps. and I have a sneaking feeling that small cucumbers when pickled are gerkhins. so this is your first gerkhin.

17 Aug, 2010


Oh no! Lol. I fed it to the horses. Lol. This plant is what my daughter gave me, and today I asked her what hers were like and she told me about 12ins long, and ready for cutting. When I told her about mine, she laughed. The plant itself is not that big, but it has a load of flowers and these little spikey things all over it. The funny thing is, I'm trying to grow gerkins, and what I've had so far look like bulbous cucumbers. Lol.

17 Aug, 2010


"Gherkin" is a confusing term. Many people call any baby cucumber--and many are spiny--a gherkin, but it is originally an Eastern European term for a round edible gourd, one type of which is sold in the West as "Lemon Cucumber". My father was still looking for the big, pale green "sumphgherkins" he remembered from childhood in Milwaukee.

18 Aug, 2010


I bought gherkin seeds this year. I've never been able to get them before. They are now growing like a small cucumber but fatter. Rather like a large gherkin. The plant my daughter gave me is producing like you see in the pic. Hers are growing like normal cucumbers and she reckons they came from the same packet of seeds. I didn't think to taste it before I threw it, as it looked so odd. lol. I'll try the next one. hahaha :o))

18 Aug, 2010

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