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Ive got a bush which gets a lot of blossom on it and it looks really top heavy and sometimes it looks like it is going to completely die I dont know what to do I really like it and it has been in my garden for my entire life 39 years I dont want it to die because it reminds me of my childhood and its a good real life reminder apposed to digital imagery, also will it flower for ever or does it have a lifespan Im a bit confused because it has always flowered/blossomed do they do anything else, also how to I prevent it from getting a disease or does that only happen with human intervention, I dont know what it is but it is dark green with pretty pale pink blossom a bit like apple blossom but ive never seen any crab apples on it will the birds have eaten them before disclosure? Maybe I sleep in too much or maybe Im a bit thick I havent worked it out yet, but I do honestly think it is going to die or do they just get grander if left alone, please help me my planting isnt very good and I wouldnt want to replace it,



Hallo guest - it's very hard to identify your bush without a photo of it. Could you please load a couple, even if it's only of the leaves close-up and the whole thing? Also tell us when it flowers. What makes you think it's going to die? Is it looking as though it is, with dead branches?

The best thing you can do is to join GoY, and then we can discuss it with you and see if we can help. We don't bite - honestly!

17 Aug, 2010

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