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I will be moving into a new house in the Fall. Most of the house's modest acreage in taken up by a sunken "bioretention" easement, which is basically a swale, under which there are pipes to carry away storm water. I believe that the swale has topsoil, with a layer of sand below, and then the perforated piping below that. The idea is that water will collect in the swale and then filter down below the ground and into the pipes for transport. As a result, this easement will see standing water during and after heavy rainfalls. I'd like to try and maximize playspace for kids, by making the most of this area, which at the moment is simply full of weeds, with marsh grass popping up in wet intervals. Question: Are there flood resistant grasses that can be planted in an area such as this that are suitable for ballplaying and other kid stuff?



Have you tried talking to your County Agricultural Agent? Every County in the US should have one (if not try the State) who will know what grows best in your situation and climate. If I remember, my mother got some advice from hers in Texas and it was free.

17 Aug, 2010

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