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By Slc1

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone advise on whether you can keep any strawberry plants for the following year. If so, what do I need to do to keep it?



Strawberry plants are pretty hardy. I don't think you'll have any difficulty keeping them, even in chilly Cambs.

15 Aug, 2010


Plant them in open ground, they will die back in the spring. Dress them with Blood, Fish and Bone. New growth will start, keep them hoed and weed free. Put straw or cardboard cuts round them when they flower. Cover with a net when they start to fruit.

15 Aug, 2010


You can keep strawberry plants for 3 years the first year you will get a good enough crop, the second and third years the crop will improve. To keep a rotation of fresh and older plants you need to root the first runner from each of your original (1st year plants). In year one if you started with 12 plants then in year two you will have 12 (2nd year) and 12 (1st year) plants. In year two again root the first runners from your plants. In year three your stock will now be 12 (3rd year ) and 12 (2nd Year ) plants and 24 (3rd Year ) plants. Root the first runners again and after you have harvested your berries throw your 12 (3rd year ) plants into the compost heap. If you have too many plants you can donate them to friends and family or charity shops, sales etc. To root the first runners choose the healthiest runner (biggest) and pin it to the soil near the parent plant or in to a pot but leave it attached to the parent. All other runners can be cut away and composted.

15 Aug, 2010

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