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Red Banana Plant 2.5 Metres High!


By Bripip

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb


I bought a "miniature" red banana plant last summer, that got a bit down in the dumps, so we kept it under artificial light, fed it and put it out in May this year, now its over 2 metres high, still in the same pot and we are wondering what an earth to do with it come autumn! We live in Hampshire.

Any ideas?




How high is the ceiling in your corridor? lol. Not funny cause I think the plant would die in the frost. I have seen bananatrees at 350m above sea level and with -6C frost, looking all droopy and black as if dead, yet came summer time I was surprised to see them all green again. Will this tree eventually bear bananas? If so, the tree will die after harvesting anyway, but new shoots ( baby trees ) would have come up already, as the rhyzomes wander through the pot. Perhaps you could plant it somewhere in your garden and wrap it up with bubble plastic against the cold. I cannot imagine them going dormant as they don't do that in their natural habitat. It sure is a beauty you've got there. Perhaps you could build something around it, like a temporary greenhouse and keep a heatlamp going in it so it will not get the frost. All funny ideas I presume, but my uncle in Holland grew orchids in a hothouse and kept them alive during the winter. Good luck. What did the label tell you anyway?

13 Aug, 2008


Hi There

Interesting ideas - not sure this plant bears fruit. The label only says not frost resistant, that's about it. We might have to make room in our hallway - get rid of some furniture.

Kind regards

13 Aug, 2008


The red banana is too tender to leave out. Some people recommend cutting the leaves off and shortening the roots and wrapping the plant cosily in a frost free place with just a little soil on the roots.

We put ours in the garage in its pot and leave it fairly dry. Next year we will take off the top layer of soil and replace it. We give liberal dressings of chicken manure pellets and lots of water in late spring.

We have another banana - a musa basjoo - which is much tougher. We leave that in the garden and wrap it in fleece, with a final cover of the brown weed suppressant material because the white is too stark. Bubble wrap can make them sweat and then they can freeze.

If the banana dies down it can recover from the roots - but it won't be as tall in the first year.

13 Aug, 2008


Thanks for that - we will get chicken manure pellets for the winter!

14 Aug, 2008


Pot it in to a much larger pot with gritty compost. Like mine he will get to 8ft tall and so beautiful.

17 May, 2009

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