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What may have caused my maple to change color and shed leaves so early in the summer? Leaves dropped in July after 3 yrs of normal growth. I live in Edmonton Alberta, Canada

On plant Box Elder Maple(Manitoba maple)



Have you had exceptionally hot and dry weather?

15 Aug, 2010


As Moongrower hints, usual cause is drought.

15 Aug, 2010


Root damage, or root parasites can do the same thing for the same reasons--not enough water to the top.

15 Aug, 2010


This year was a very wet spring/early summer. The previous years were much drier and it grew fine. First year in 5 that we've had muchrooms growing in the yard because of rain.

21 Aug, 2010


Have you checked for root damage as Tubd. suggested?

21 Aug, 2010

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