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my standard fuschia has grape or cherry type bulbs on it where the flowers
have grown?what are these and will they grow if planted



They are seedpods, Clifftess, but as to getting the seeds inside to germinate, I'm sorry, I can't answer that, as I haven't ever tried.

At the moment. you'd be better removing them anyway, so that the fuchsia keeps flowering.

14 Aug, 2010


They're the fruit Clifftess. They're reputed to be edible but not pleasant to eat, but opinions vary. You could try growing one or some I suppose, but fuchsias take so easily from cuttings that I think not many people grow them from seed. Maybe that is where new varieties come from though. Instructions for growing them are here -
Good luck! :-)

14 Aug, 2010


Cut one or two of the pods open - most of them don't have seeds inside anyway - those that do, as Beattie says, may grow on if planted, but the results will be variable, not necessarily the variety of fuchsia they came from.

14 Aug, 2010


Fuchsia procumbens supposedly has the best tasting berries - they didn't taste that wonderful - guess you could use in jam.

14 Aug, 2010


when the berries are soft, gently split them open and put them in a bowl of water. any seeds that sink should be ok to sow, the ones that float are no good. dry them gently, in theory you can sow them any time but i'm told the best time is in the spring, in a warm seed tray. that is the advice i was given by a fuchsia grower, although i must admit i have not tried it myself when it is easy to buy plants and take cuttings. diadon

14 Aug, 2010



12 Sep, 2010

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