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By Coll43

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

How do I kill passion flower roots that are springing up inside the conservatory of my house? When I moved in a year ago the passion flower was well established. I had new windows installed and the passion flower was cut back to ground level, however, this year it came back with a vengeance both inside the house and out! I have pulled out what I thought was the main root yet it is still springing up!



Of more concern is how its getting into your conservatory - gaps in the walls or floor? If you had an intact structure, it wouldn't get inside. Passionflower, once mature, does have a wide root spread and often grows up from the ground in a patch as wide as 5 feet or more.

14 Aug, 2010


It appears to be coming in where the skirting boards are fitted! To be honest I don't think the structure is of a good build standard but I'm stuck with it for now! Can I use a gardening product to kill off the shoots/roots that are appearing? It is coming up in various places in the garden.

Many thanks for your response by the way!

14 Aug, 2010


Path weedkiller should do it, something like Pathclear BUT if you apply it to the ground outside, it will kill anything that's in it and you can't plant anything else there for six months.

15 Aug, 2010


Ok. Will set about it asap! Thanks

15 Aug, 2010

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