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Two years ago I cut down a large pampas grass,I put it into a compost bin.Today I looked at it, it's rotted down and smells like sweet like compost should,but in it there is two to three inch long one inch wide pieces of paper like material.I think they are the remains of the stalks.Will it be OK to use?



I would just sift out the stalks, and put them back in to compost further with the next batch, Jim.

13 Aug, 2010


Yes - remove those pieces as you spread the compost though - its probably the bits from the pampas which are extremely fibrous and take a long time to break down. Shove them back on the compost heap when you've extracted them, and it would help if you could chop the bits up so they break down quicker.

13 Aug, 2010



13 Aug, 2010


Thank you.Why did'nt I think.Jim

13 Aug, 2010

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