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how to get rid of a rabbit



Haas und pfeffer!...Sorry, sorry! The cottontails around here are driving us nuts. If you can't shoot a few pebbles into its hind end with a slingshot, try putting a peeled garlic bulb, 1/4 liter of fresh peppermint, 1/8 liter of fresh bay laurel, 1/2 liter of water, 10 ml of olive oil, and 5 ml of organic dish soap into the blender, and liquify. Strain it through cheese cloth and dilute it 1:10. Spray that around the property, and that will probably repel it--4 out of 5 times. Re-apply when it rains. There are commercial preparations of fox urine that are also usually effective, and rabbits can smell them at lower concentrations than will bother our noses. Sometimes they are too stubborn or desperate to leave, no matter what you do, and a good fence and gate is the only alternative.

12 Aug, 2010


And my neighbours find that you need to keep an eye out for rabbits digging under the fence that needs to be partly buried in the ground.
Having a terrier type dog active in the garden, or a good hunting cat works too.

12 Aug, 2010


There are also cage /live traps with a spring trap to capture them in. Probably a bit of an expense but well worth it if your plants are being eaten constantly, once you have him captured take him out somewhere else and deposit him in the countryside, where I am sure he will find lots and lots of new friends to play with. lol. I had to fence around my garden to keep out the blighters, they had their young buried in holes in my garden and dug them out to feed them at night. Not any more - the fence has worked. Just a wire netting fence and a few posts knocked into the ground, if it is not easy for them to walk in they find somewhere else to go. You can bury the wire in the ground but this is a bigger job than just fencing off.

13 Aug, 2010

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