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growing passiflora caerulea
What sort of place in garden is best eg. damp, dry etc



I grew mine on a low fence. they love to cling on and although they start slowly, they really get going. I didnt do anything special other that to place it in partial sunlight........a tree nearby gave some shade in the heat of the summers (we used to get!)

They like to be damp not soaking wet, dont let them dry out. water the root from lower part of the stem, and dont over-soak it. A weekly application of something like magi-gro mixed with the water (not strong mix) will do just fine. I never used pesticides on it and it was lovely. But always make sure you give them something to climb and tie it in whilst it is in its early stages until it really has a grip. :0)

12 Aug, 2010

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