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I have seen a fuchsia called Blackie grown as a standard in 'Janettes's garden' on this website. My dog Blackie died on Sunday and want to put some of her ashes in a pot where I would like to grow a standard in remembrance. Know it sounds daft but she meant loads to my family and I and can think of no better way to remember her. Is this fuchia common in gardencentres or will only specialist nurseries have it? I have grown many fuchias before like Swingtime but any advice on growing it into a standard woyuld be appreciated.

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I do not think this particular Fuchsia is hardy, unfortunately - this would mean growing in a pot and removing indoors or to a greenhouse over winter. (Its not daft either - I cried on and off for a fortnight when my last cat died). Also best bought as a standard.

11 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bamboo; coincidentaly during the winter, when I couldn't see her outside in the garden, her favoured place to 'wee' was on the bamboo; it still survives.

12 Aug, 2010

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