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Hello everyone,

Usually I throw my bedding fuscias out but having seen some fantastic ones over the summer I was wondering who to keep the for the following year so that they get bigger and better. I ahve a small shed and small plastic green house on slabs. Can you please treat me like the idiot I am and spell it out for me please !



Don't say you're an idiot - we all need to know things sometimes!

You can keep them in the shed or the greenhouse as long as they're wrap the pots (not the tops!) up in bubble-wrap, cut them back and keep on the dry side until spring, when you can repot them and water them properly again. They should produce new growth then.

I actually took mine out of their pots last winter and wrapped up the rootballs in layers of slightly damp newspaper and tucked them up altogether in a large cardboard box under the greenhouse bench. They all came through - so that's another way!

11 Aug, 2010


~ I had most of my small ones on the bench in a heated greenhouse and they all survived but I also had a lot in two plastic 4 shelf greenhouses with a plastic cover and fleece liner and fleece draped over the shelves~most of them came through a very cold winter here ~the ones I lost probably had more to do with watering problems and throwing them away too soon~ surprising things have reincarnated this year!
~ the bigger plants seemed to survive better~will be hoping to get them all through next winter so all tried and tested techniques welcome~ My local fuchsia nursery~ Gower Fuchsias~ also lost a lot over last winter however and they have been doing it for years!r~

11 Aug, 2010


I know what you mean it seems a shame to have to throw them out if they are really nice. I havent got a heated greenhouse but I put mine in the garage as close as I can to the freezer which sounds daft but it does generate a certain amount of heat on the outside. Havent lost one yet ! Also have one I cut down to ground level, cover with soil and keep in the summerhouse.I have had that one for ten years ! A bit of creative thinking can work wonders ! good luck

12 Aug, 2010

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