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Anybody got any tips for growing plants in North Cyprus?



Hmm. General tips are a bit difficult. I looked up the climate data, and they seem to have pretty mild winters and warm to hot summers, so Mediterranean plants and a few subtropicals will probably be the things to grow. Drought is definitely going to be a factor. In vegetables, there will be two growing seasons: winter for most of the root, leaf, and cole crops, pus peas and broad beans; and summer for most of the ones grown for fruit or seeds, such as snap beans, corn, squash & kin, and tomatoes & kin. Fruit trees and ornamentals that require high winter chilling--such as cherries, some apples, lilacs, peonies, and some bulbs--are going to have problems. On the other hand, things like citrus, Cordyline, palms, Hibiscus, and freesias are going to be easy! If you are moving there, you will have to change the plant palette and gardening timing somewhat, but gardening should still be fun and satisfying. Wylie-in-the-Azores could probably help more, and I know that there are a few members from Malta who could help even more. I will probably be able to help with some things, since my climate is semi-Mediterranean, too.

10 Aug, 2010


Thank you for your response..This is a second home and have already started with fruit trees etc. Just thinking of flowers/shrubs for filling in the garden. Could you confirm what you mean by wylie-in-the-azores? Thank you!

10 Aug, 2010


Wylie in the Azores is a member of Grows on You.

10 Aug, 2010

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