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Hi All, l bought box of gladioli bulbs and one of them has grown just over 6ft tall are they suppose to grow that high? l am a little worried about putting in any more incase they grow that high and although l like them l thought they grew to about 3ft, should l just dig this one out or just plant them all and if they grow too high l could dig them out?
many thanks



Welcome, Tatung!
It's getting late to put in Gladiolus bulbs, unless you are gardening in one of the mildest parts of the UK. Most of the florist's kind will grow quite tall, about 5-7 ft., and the ones sold as "Landscape Gladiolus" usually run 2-4 ft tall, though they can get over enthusiastic. It should have said how tall they were supposed to grow on the box. Unfortunately, they probably will not keep in the box over the winter, without having had some growth this summer, so you may have to throw the unused bulbs away, now. For future reference, I would plant all the Gladiolus bulbs in spring and early summer, although you can make successive plantings a week or two apart to stretch out the bloom season.

10 Aug, 2010

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