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Hi, I have a Hakuru Nishiki Salix Intergra. I live in Portugal and have it in big vase on my balcony. When I went away to london for a few days in August (very hot weather in Portugal) I came back to my poor tree all dried out. I put it indoors while i was away and watered it before i left. Ive continued to water it and hope it will recover. Its still alive as there is growth on the trunk which is growing rapidly. Should i trim down the dry branches. It will be almost the whole thing! :( Would appreciate some advice.



If this is a plant with a long stem and a head of branches at the top, I'm afraid it will be a grafted plant and that stem with shoots is a different variety to the Hakuro Nishiki on the top.

The stem is a different type of Salix that they use to graft the Hakuro N. on the top. The leaves will just be plain green and it will be much faster growing and have a completely different form to the top, plus have no pink and white leaves.

Can you post a picture?

10 Aug, 2010

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