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my hollyhocks have what looks like red eggs embedded in underside of leaves and are curling up and dying. it is effecting hollyhocks all over the garden but it would appear no other plants are affected. how do i cure this problem. there are lots of frogs in my garden and i don't want to hurt them. thank you



It's Hollyhock rust, I'd imagine - mine get it every year, and I remove the leaves as they fall and burn them. I'm sure it won't affect the frogs, but it is unsightly. I'm not aware of any cure.

10 Aug, 2010


Yes Im too get lots of rust but it does not seem to affect the quality of the flowers but like Spritz I to remove the affected leaves.

10 Aug, 2010


There are some chemical treatments, but nothing much works once the leaves start curling. Next year, inspect the undersides of the leaves at least weekly, so you can hit it with sulfur spray before it gets too bad!

10 Aug, 2010

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