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what kind of palm tree is in my garden. It was growing well until last winter and now half of it is dead, but there are new green shoots growing out od the trunk now. what is it and should I trim the shoots



Well a photo would give you a definite ID, but check out pictures of Cordyline - that's probably the most likely one you've got. If it is Cordyline, don't trim the shoots, that's the new growth taking over from the damaged top parts. You can, though, cut down the dead or damaged or rotting trunk back to where new growth has appeared - but only if it IS a Cordyline.

8 Aug, 2010


thank you I will take a look

8 Aug, 2010


Blimey that was quick - now you're a member, lol, welcome. Google it or look under C at the bottom of the page on here - they come in purple or green leaved forms

8 Aug, 2010

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