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Some bamboo has crept under my neighbour's fence and into my garden and is now shooting up amongst the roots of a shrub I would not like to damage. Is there a way I can kill off the bits that are growing my side of the fence without affecting the main plant next door? I know that bamboo spreads through root shoots, so am concerned that if I use something like Round-Up or glyphosate it will do too much damage.



It's really the responsibility of the owner of the bamboo. I should know as I had to uplift a one in my garden. This included going next door to remove any there too!

I suggest at the fence line you dig down and cut through all the rhizomes that are coming through. Install a rhizome barrier (see here):

You could let the neighbours (if you get on with them) have a look at the spread and suggest that you are going to have to buy some rhizome barrier.

You will then need to treat the new shoots coming up. If you can follow a rhizome along its length from the newly cut end to where the new shoot is coming up they are relatively easy to remove as they don't go deep. Try that before chemical treatment.

8 Aug, 2010

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