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what is the best way to deter squirrels that works ray



A shotgun - I had one causing havoc on my balcony for 18 months, a young one, and I tried everything (not a shotgun) with no success - if I saw him, I could chase him off, but otherwise, he did whatever he liked out there. And then he got hit by a car and killed - I recognised the body because he had an unusual white patch on one side of his head. Sorry to be of no help, really. Depends what they're going for - I'm firmly convinced this particular squirrel was annoyed because I replaced the nut feeders with squirrel proof ones, so went for everything else instead!

8 Aug, 2010


tut tut bamboo that's sad. he was only a baby.

8 Aug, 2010


Fully grown though, Tulsalady - and I'm not surprised he got hit by a car, he had no fear of anything, too much of a risk taker.

9 Aug, 2010


hi ray just seen this cayenne pepper is supposed to put squirrels off . sprinkle it round and bingo they've gone.

10 Aug, 2010

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