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found a strange insect with the body of a wasp but larger and green long articulated legs. Also had wings. Can anyone help with identification please? Jan



Hi Jan and welcome to GoY did you have a chance to get a photo?

7 Aug, 2010


When you say the body of a wasp, do you mean it was yellow and black stripes like a wasp, or was it all green?

7 Aug, 2010


Like has been said its hard to say without a picture my guess is some kind of Hornet,they are bigger than the native wasp.Sometimes even bigger ones get here in imported timber loads they are usually dormant as they arrive but in warm weather they prob. thrive soon after.

7 Aug, 2010


Hi everyone thanks so much for responding. The thing was yellow and black striped like a wasp but the legs were bright green and articulated like a grasshoppers. Sorry but I don have a photo. Regards, Jan

8 Aug, 2010


Can't help you then, I'm afraid - a yellow and black body with green legs is unusual - I was thinking sawfly, which are wasp shaped, but green and with green, articulated legs.

9 Aug, 2010

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