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I would like to know how long (years) these plants last and if the bulbs divide. I bought 2 at a school open garden day as very small plants. It was a real surprise when they flowered in this their 3rd year as I didn't know what they were. I don't want to lose them now.

On plant Eucomis bicolor




Eucomis bicolor (Pineapple Flower) so-called beacuse of the tuft of leaves on top of the flower spike.

If you have managed to keep them for this long, you are obviously doing the right thing. They like free drained soil in sun or light shade and some shelter during winter. A heavy mulch to keep out the worst of the cold is suitable.

You can propagate by leaf cuttings or by separating a side bulb. See my blog on propagating by leaf cuttings.

6 Aug, 2010

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