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Amarcrinum going brown. This spring I planted Amarcrinum bulbs in a few spots, just to see how they would do. The ones in shade starting at 11:00 am are fine, but the one out in sun until 1:00 pm is developing brown tips and edges, and has stopped growing. Those two hours make that much difference? Any feedback is welcome, but especially folks from really hot climates, like SE California, the lower Rio Grande, central Florida, or such like. Thank you!

On plant xAmarcrinum memoria-corsii



Well I'm not from any of those exotic locations, but even in Britain, there's a huge difference in summer between sun up to 11 am and sun between 11 and 3pm - palmatum acers planted in sun up to 11 am will be fine - planted where they get it between 11 and 3 they won't be, they'll fry. So I'd imagine its the same wherever you are.

6 Aug, 2010


Thank you, Bamboo! I was afraid that it might be that, but since this is my first attempt with this plant, I was unsure. One of its parents, the Crinum, can often take afternoon sun in the summer, here, as long as the soil is mulched. Its other parent, the Amaryllis, is normally dormant in the summer, and grows in the winter, here. I was hoping for the benefit of other people's experience with it, hopefully from folks in really hot climates.

6 Aug, 2010


Hmm. Anyone in Australia or India growing this plant?

7 Aug, 2010

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