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Midlothian, United Kingdom Gb

It is a small tree or bush, very smooth, shiny green lemon shaped leaves, It has red and green berries all year and has small white flowers in spring - what is it?



Photo would be useful here - red and green berries all year? Weird... many berrying shrubs have white flowers in Spring, not many have berries all year, whatever colour they are.

5 Aug, 2010


Wild guess without a pic, but could it be a Skimmia? The unripe berries are green and visible for quite a bit of the year.

5 Aug, 2010


Difficult without a picture, and specific times (all year?), but what about buckthorn, the fruit of which is quickly formed, and takes a while to ripen, ofen with berries at various stages. Flowers are small and greenish, though.
Phil J

5 Aug, 2010


Ah, had a thought - nandina domestica, that might fit with the berry thing. Try looking that up.
Phil J

5 Aug, 2010


Nandina doesn't work too well with the "lemon-shaped" leaves. though. Maybe one of the smooth-leaved holly hybrids?

5 Aug, 2010


Could be one of the Cotoneasters even....

6 Aug, 2010

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