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have a japanese Acer, which was losing leaves whilst other leaves where shrivelling. I checked your website and treated it for drought, watering it well since which time we have had lots of rain. I also fed it with eracious feed and put much more eracious soil in its bed. I also treated a small infection of muscel scale insects as advised on your website. However, despite the daily rain and my 'nursing' it is still losing leaves and some are still shrivelling. Anything else I can do?

Thank you to my two respondants.

I live in the North West of England close to the Pennines (Saddleworth Moores). We get a lot of rain, and up until the hot summer this year have never needed to water my acer separately. However, it is also quite windy in this area and my acer is central to the garden. So I guess it is not ideal conditions though, as I said, it has survived and flourished up until this year. It's about five/six years old.

I have pruned some dead wood and branches from which the leaves have been lost and will feed it again at the appropriate time. So keeping my fingers crossed. Will obviously keep it well watered.

The attached photograph was taken in the summer of 2009.

Thanks again for your replies




The other reason for leaves shrivelling, burning or drying out is too much sun, or exposure to wind - palmatum varieties of Acer are woodland plants and like dappled shade and a sheltered position, although in total shade they lose their colours and remain green, if you have a coloured leaf form.
Its likely that you know all that already though, as you seem to have done your research on here already - any chance you can post a photograph, or alternatively, can you describe 1. how you water (hose with spray gun, sprinkler or can) 2.when you do it (time of day) and 3. how often - and say whether you're in the south of the country or elsewhere. I'd also like to know how long you've had the plant.

5 Aug, 2010


Welcome, Layland!
I'm from a dryer climate, but even in our relatively wet winters, I've found that relying on rain to keep pots moist is risky. The raindrops never seem to land where they are supposed to!

5 Aug, 2010

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