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I have some bell peppers (yellow) and chilli peppers (red) in my garden which are growing very large and prolific but are still green. when do they start to change colour



As they ripen, and that depends on how much sun they're getting and the strength of it, to a large extent.

5 Aug, 2010


Thanks. We haven't had much sun in the past couple of weeks but plenty beforehand. That's probably why they are flourishing but not ripenening.

5 Aug, 2010


I'm desperately trying to remember when mine ripened the year before last (haven't grown them since) but I have a feeling it was pretty late, mid August on, possibly later, and mine were on a southfacing balcony I remember leaving picked peppers on the windowsill in the sun anyway by the autumn.

5 Aug, 2010


Thanks. I'll give them a couple more weeks and then pick them to ripen indoors. I've grown them before but never had as many. I'm sure I was picking them in early August

5 Aug, 2010


mine in the greenhouse are still very green and not showing any sign of turning, I think it'll be end of the month at least unless we get another heatwave

5 Aug, 2010

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