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I planted Malus domestica (Greensleeves) apple tree last year and has produced about 10 apples this season but I lost the notes regarding caring and maintaining the tree that came with it and was wondering how and when would be the best time to prune it, at this moment it has grown to about 6ft and I know that correct pruning would benefit it regarding larger crops.
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One - if this is its first season, then you ought not to let it produce fruit. It will drain the tree of energy which ought to be directed towards establishment and strong new summer growth for next year's fruit production.
Two - is the tree free standing or to be trained as an espalier?
Summer shoots should be halved, now, so that short laterals are produced. They will produce fruiting spurs in time. Bit too short a slot here to describe method fully. Try on internet. I know there some short videos there to show you how to prune apples, from maiden trees to fully mature.
Phil J

4 Aug, 2010

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