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i recently bought an outdoor grape vine which i have planted next to a wrought iron fence. I have tied up the main branch and also the shoots. Should i feed it ,and if so with what ,any other advice would be gratfuuly accepted.By the way for the update on my bindweed problem ,i have used glyphosphate which does the trick but is quite a long process .Also i have dug and dug removing the roots as i went and will carry this on as and when any new shoots appear.I bought a box of glyphosphate satchets which make 8 litres for £10 as opposed to roundup which is over £6 a litre,thanks to the advice i was given



Don't feed it now, too late in the year, but you can give it a general feed in spring with something like Growmore granules raked in at the base.

4 Aug, 2010

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