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East Lothian, United Kingdom Gb

My Mum passed away last year and whilst cleaning out the house I came across some envelopes with seeds in them. A few months ago I remembered them and planted them all in the garden (Three different types) and chucked the envelopes away. I dont know what they are or what I should do next, anyone help? PS. I did not expect them to grow and I think I put too many seeds together.

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The larger grey-green plants look like Opium Poppies to me...they're annuals, but will have wonderful frilly flowers in shades of pink and red. They do seed themselves, or of course you can collect the seeds.

The bottom middle plant could be Californian poppies - that's what the foliage looks like. Again, they're annuals, but they self-seed readily.

Sorry I can't even guess at the third one.

3 Aug, 2010



3 Aug, 2010


we may have more chance when it flowers-- well done for rescuing them and if you save the seed or let them seed as Spritz says you'll have a lasting memory of mum

3 Aug, 2010


Yes, I agree with Spritz. Not sure either of the one with gold leaves. The flowers will help when they come.

3 Aug, 2010


The top middle plant looks a lot like Balsam, but it would really have to bloom for me to be sure.

3 Aug, 2010


First Gk8454 may I pass on my condolences .

The first photo of two the same pink beautiful poppies.

The middle only know it as apple ringy but may be wrong in 2nd photo.

The golden leaf not to sure yet.

3 Aug, 2010


I've just googled "apple ringy" Scotkat and found this -
"It is known locally around Whithorn in SW Scotland as apple-ringy due to its scent."

I agree with Spritz though - the foliage looks more like Escholtzia to me than Artemisia, it looks greyish green, not greyish

3 Aug, 2010


I've been to Whithorn Beattie and The Isle, Galloway is a special place but don't tell everyone or the'll all want to go!!! :o)))

4 Aug, 2010

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