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My neighbour had a False Acacia tree that was felled about 2 years ago.

He and I have now have a recurring problem of new shoots which I recognize as being from that tree coming through both our lawns and now my tarmacadam drive.

I have tried killing the individual shoots with weed killer as they emerge and whilst the shoots treated are apparently killed new ones quickly take their place.

Has anyone any suggestions that will resolve my problem please as at this time I can see no solution?

On plant False-acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia)



Difficult one - you need to uncover the main roots in the lawn, drill into them with a medium wood bit to make holes about quarter inch deep, then fill those holes with neat SBK without spilling it on anything else, cover with something (polythene, broken slabs, whatever). This will kill the whole root and should stop the problem, but it means you've got to find the major roots first and make plenty of holes - that probably means wrecking your lawn. I'd do it either immediately, hoping to repair the lawn in late September early October by reseeding or replacing turf in damaged areas over the top of the treatment, or wait till end of September to do it and leave it as it is till spring, when seeding can be done again.

3 Aug, 2010

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